Friday, 31 May 2013

Hunt for Intelligent Data Center Automation?

If you are a database administrator, you've probably come across a variety of tools claiming to bring efficiency and manageability to the IT lifecycle. Yet the so called mess of your data center is overwhelming in itself, not to mention concerns regarding shrinking IT budgets, increasing demands and security/integrity of network data. Effectively managing your data center can be overwhelming, especially if there is no IT automation platform currently in place. Many routine tasks are consumed by maintenance operations that could easily be automated. The challenge many IT professionals face is that many networks work off multiple platforms making maintenance and productivity efficiency time consuming and resource draining.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have a central platform for developing and setting policies for data center automation Imagine segregating and prioritizing urgent, manual and time-consuming tasks making data center automation goals not only obtainable, but sophisticated in delivery yet simplistic in use. There are many solutions that provide this level of IT automation, but few provide the predictive analytics and enhance decision automation tools like Stratavia's newest version of Data Palette. If you've ever looked into database automation to address servers, networks and applications, you probably didn't find a solution that could handle the demands of multiple applications, servers and network platforms. The latest release meets these objectives plus offers an intelligent rules engine to align the IT infrastructure with the needs of your business.
Data center automation products should seamlessly combine complex, manually intensive yet repetitive IT administration tasks for a time saving, resource optimizing solutions. IT professionals can now define, build and centrally orchestrate standard operating procedures and report on mission-critical IT operations. Being able to prioritize decision, task and process automation, empowers IT administrators to:
- Dynamically expand, virtualize and allocate server and storage space when needed;
- Automatically trigger alerts and set resolution policies with no manual intervention;
- Administer and track upgrades and configurations;
- Forensically report on database and IT operations for auditing and analysis;
- Deploy patches to prevent security threats and ensure optimal performance; and
- Support adherence to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework of best practices.
Combining task, process and decision automation allows junior IT staff to diagnose and address issues without having to escalate them to senior personnel. Wouldn't it be a relief to be able to provide insight and automation that allows you to anticipate data center issues so the infrastructure can proactively support the business? If you're looking to combine multiple levels of automation with the innovative capabilities of predictive analytics, you should really spend some time investigating the Data Palette 4.0.
If you're business is stepping up and you're looking to provide a higher level of automation intelligence to your organizations operational efficiency, data center automation is the key. IT organizations desiring a business driven model that prides itself on smooth, efficient and effective database administration and IT automation, can confidently move away from chaotic, reactive activities.